Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Easy Curl Tutorial for Long Hair

Its the time of year where you want to get ready and look dressed up for parties but you may not necessarily have the time.  We are sharing an easy curl tutorial for long hair with you today.
Curling your hair is easy, some people have their own ways of doing it.  This is how we like to do it.  Just remember that it takes practice and coordination with the curling iron to have it be fast and easy.  The products you use along with which size and brand of curling iron play a huge role.
Lets get started.  Here are the products we use to create this style:

My hair has long layers in it and is framed around my face.  Susan point-cuts it so there aren't any blunt edges.  This helps add volume to your curls and removes weight so that your curls last longer.

One HUGE tip that we mention in the video is not to touch your curls until they are cool!  This is an old-school basic essential tip when doing any style that heat is used on.  The reason being is because if you touch the curl when its hot your result will be more loose and the curl won't last as long.  My curls last 2-3 days before I even have to put a curling iron to it again, saving you so much time!  Plus, I like my curls better the 2nd and third day anyways!

Just a note about the heat on your curling iron, this can be adjusted for the type of hair you have.  If you have highlighted, damaged or fine thin hair then make sure you turn your heat setting down.

We have made a video demonstrating how easy this tutorial is to do.  Watch that HERE.

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