Friday, December 19, 2014

Easy Half-Up Tutorial for 2nd Day Curls

If you are anything like us, second day curls always look better.  We are sharing an easy half-up hair tutorial that you can create with your 2nd day curls.  This hairstyle is perfect for this time of year with all of the parties that you will be attending, wanting something different and fancy, but not time-consuming.  
Watch this video tutorial in under 2 minutes.  All of the products used and a written tutorial are listed below.

Tutorial for easy half-up style for 2nd day curls:

1.  Brush through curls.  We recommend using a wet brush.
2.  Section the hair out on the crown of the head.
3.  Apply Unite Expanda Dust lightly in the root and use hand to work it in.  This will provide volume and stability in your ponytail.
4.  Place the elastic in the hair holding the section securely.
5.  Take the frontal sections and apply Kenra pomade to them.  Braid them back to the ponytail and pin over top of the elastic and secure any ends that are left out.  Do the same on the other side, overlapping the two braids.  
6.  Loosen braids if desired and spray with hairspray.  We recommend Farouk Royal Treatment or Kenra Hairspray 25.

Be sure to stay tuned for our every day curl tutorial coming up soon!

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