Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Favorite Books for Young Children

One thing we love doing with our kids is reading.  They are all at ages where they are learning to read so we feel that it is not only fun, but critical to read with them.  We have gathered some of our childrens' favorites as well as ours.  See our video:

The Night Before Christmas (recordable book) - This is a great way to document you reading to your kids or a grandparent reading to your kids.  Those that cannot read can still be read to at night before bed, and it's something they will cherish forever!

Goodnight Moon - This is a very simple book and very sweet.  The words are simple and the illustrations are simple but somehow this is our favorite book.  It rhymes so my kids basically can read it to me.  Plus, they like finding all the things on the page that the book talks about.

Bob Books - These books are the perfect tool to help your children learn to read.  They are used in schools/kindergarten.  The words are simple and there are different levels that you can choose from.  

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - This has always been a favorite of ours and I think of children all over.  It is such a classic story but this book is adorable with darling illustrations.  It is an USborne book and the quality is superb.

Phonics Fun My Little Pony - Here is another great book to help younger children read.  It is a thick book but only only has a few words per page so your child feels so proud of themselves to finish such a big book.  

Jillee Bean and the One Good Thing - This book will be a favorite of ours forever.  There are so many wonderful things about it.  The illustrations are too cute, it rhymes, and the message of a little girl trying to do good things for others is a great teaching tool.  I think every family needs this.

Pete the Cat Saves Christmas - The Pete the Cat series is so fun for everyone.  There are many different stories about Pete, and he is so silly.  It is a rhyming book so is very catchy and keeps their attention.  This Christmas one is fun because it is about how Santa calls on Pete to save Christmas for him when Santa becomes ill and cannot deliver toys.

Make Your Real Life Story - These books are absolutely priceless.  We love making family books with photos and captions to remind us of special times.  Birth stories are particularly special because nothing will capture those emotions quite like pictures in a book.

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