Monday, January 12, 2015

{Healthy} Breakfast Sandwich

If you aren't eating breakfast in the mornings, this recipe will hopefully get you to start.  We all know that breakfast is sooooo important for so many reasons.  Breakfast is what fuels your body with the energy it needs everyday.  It also helps to jumpstart your motabolism, and when you are eating the right kind of breakfast, you will live healthy and lose weight.  This healthy breakfast sandwich is one of my favorite things to eat in the morning.
You will find that this recipe is not only super-yummy, super-healthy, and super-satisfying; but it is very easy to make!
Here is our video tutorial, and you can find the complete recipe below.

Egg, Turkey, and Creamy Swiss Breakfast Sammy

1 Sandwich Thins (Orowheat)
1 Creamy Swiss Cheese Light (Laughing Cow)
2 slices Turkey (or Ham) (Kirkland)
2 Eggs (one egg, one egg white)

Start my mixing together one whole egg and one egg white.  Prepare a skillet sprayed with cooking spray and let heat on medium on the stove top.  Place both sides of your sandwich thins in the toaster.  Scramble your eggs but while they are cooking, form into a circle so they will fit perfectly onto your bun.  When sandwich thins are toasted, unwrap one laughing cow cheese slice and spread over both ides of bun.  Microwave 2 slices of turkey for 10 seconds.  Place egg and turkey on bun.  Place the whole sandwich in microwave another ten seconds.  Enjoy your yummy breakfast sammy!  Serve with an orange, and you are only at 300 calories!  In fact, here are the nutritional facts of this sandwich with an orange:
Calories 300, Carbs  35g, Protein 21g, Fat 9g

This recipe is part of a 7-day healthy eating plan you can find HERE
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