Monday, January 19, 2015

Top 15 Hairstyles for the Family for 2015

I get asked A lot about hair trends.  Trends are a funny thing.  Really, I look at trends of hairstyles coming and going along with each season.  Also you have to keep age and lifestyle in mind when choosing a hairstyle that works for you. Today we wanted to share our top 15 hairstyles for 2015.

1 and 2- Extremely textured blunt Lob
3 and 4- Short Blunt Cut the new "bob"
5- Dark Chocolate and Caramel Color - Megan fox
6- Caramel toned Color - Lauren Conrad
7- All Dark/Almost black - Jenna Tatum
8- Bronde- equal amounts of brown and blonde tones
9 and 10- Mens hair cut
11- Braids and beach waves for the TEENS
12- Hipster boy's cut
13- Women in their 40's Heidi Klum Blown out look, have a         little bend to the hair
14- Women in their 50's Diane sawyer keep it curled a little
15- Women in their 60's to 70's- Jane Fonda this style always       compliments.

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