Monday, February 2, 2015


The dreaded Cleaning Day! Most of us don't look forward to cleaning anything but there are a few things I have done that have helped me not hate it as bad.  Those of you that know me well, know that I save my Mondays for 1 particular thing: CLEANING DAY!   That's right, I save and do everything in 1 day! Not that we want to take an entire day to do it but for me if I have a Full day, then I know for sure I will have everything finished that I started!

There are many reasons that I have stuck to this schedule but a few that I notice make the biggest difference for me such as:
1. I work part time and I always have Mondays off.
2. I usually work every Saturday.

3. I have to really focus to get all my laundry washed, folded and put away, it helps when I do it just in one day so I know I can accomplish the task at hand.

How does this all go down??? 
Let me tell you!

I wake up and directly take a load of laundry and start it before I do anything else.  I have a 7 and 5 year old and they know the term "Laundry Day" very well because they help out a lot!  Together they take their shared laundry basket to the laundry room (downstairs at my house) and yes, they can carry an overflowing dirty clothes basket down the stairs and into the laundry room themselves. While the laundry is going I am bouncing between bathrooms cleaning all 3 at once, putting toilet cleaner in each one spraying the surfaces, while that is sitting for 5 minutes I am cleaning all the mirrors in each bathroom then taking a cleaning bucket with all my supplies and finishing each bathroom, once I have cleaned the toilet, all surfaces, and mirrors, I spray down my tubs and showers with a heavy duty water bottle that has equal parts vinegar and dawn, it usually takes about a cup of each to clean 2 showers and 1 tub. I let that soak for ten minutes and then with a bucket and a few scrubbing brushes I get into each shower and scrub.  This usually requires getting soaked so do what you have to get it clean!
After the bathrooms are done I move to the kitchen,  cleaning counter tops, scrubbing the sink, pulling old things out of the fridge, and cleaning the appliances.  I then move to dusting. I have a dusting mitt that makes things so quick I have my 5 year old help with that. My girls do all the dusting and cleaning in my basement.  I am there helping them but they clean the coffee table, TV stand, piano, counter tops, table tops.  My 7 yr old is just as good as me at cleaning surfaces.  

Remember, I am continuing to put loads into the wash while I am doing everything else.   

I wash my wood floors and tile every other Monday.

My last task is vacuuming. I obviously have to vacuum more than just Mondays but Monday I do a thorough vacuum everywhere.  

When the girls get home from school I send them directly down to grab their laundry basket that has all their clean clothes in it now.  This works great for both of us because they know they can't do anything until their laundry is put away.  They take their basket and separate it into: hang up pile, underwear, socks, dance clothes, pj's, and comfy clothes.  Their dressers have 1 drawer each for undies, 1 each for comfy clothes, 1 each for pj's, and one for dance clothes.  In their closet they have 3 different small baskets hanging for their socks.  Once they sort everything on the floor they put each pile away.  I don't make them fold the clothes that are going into their drawers because they are just comfy clothes and pj's and lets be honest, not sure if they would stay folded in their drawers.
They also grab all off their hangers and place them next to their "hang up" pile.  They put all the hangers on their clothes and hang them into their closet.  They even know how to organize them to were they go.  Honestly they have done this for so long they are pretty quick and do it with little to no complaining (they know if they complain they get more chores!)

After dinner I head into my bedroom where on my bed is the 5 loads of clean laundry waiting for me to fold them.  While watching the Bachelor, of course, I fold all my laundry!  There is nothing I hate worse than laundry in baskets!  Why do I wait so long to fold them?? Usually because I have to wait for most our clothes to hang dry, I don't dry a lot of our clothes so they are hanging all over my house.

I save anything that is easy to fold for my other day off in the week for example, bathroom rugs, towels, sheets... stuff like that is easy for me to do whenever because I can put it away fast.

Well now you know my routine hopefully it inspires or motivates you! Homemaking is sometimes an undaunted task, but if you make it a habit and just keep doing it will become a little more easy! 

Lets be honest, cleaning it all in one day shouldn't be hard, just doing it and becoming consistent with a cleaning schedule is hard.  It makes my week so much easier because all I am doing is the small pick up and daily tasks that need to be done!
 Remember my motto: 
"work hard and then play hard"

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