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Today we have a cute small pillow tutorial that you can make for a special gift.  About 7 yrs ago when I had my first child I was given the cutest little pillow as a gift from a friend.  On the pillow was my brand new baby girls name, weight
and a cute little girl that had been cross-stitched onto a small little pillow.  It melted my heart with gratitude that someone would spend a little extra time just to personalize this darling little gift.  Fast forward 7 yrs to when my precious little Grandma passed away.  A very sad and hard time for me, I received another little present from this same friend, it was another little pillow with the words from a song in the  LDS Childrens Songbook, I feel my saviors love his gentleness enfolds me and when I kneel to pray my heart is filled with peace.   I have cherished these cute little thoughtful gifts!

Some Ladies and I were brainstorming some ideas for a small inexpensive gift for 4 ladies that had served 3 years in a calling in our LDS Ward. so I thought of making these 4 great ladies some little pillows with a quote of something that would remind them of their service.  After a little research I found this gem: "It takes a big heart to help shape little minds."  Although I wanted to Cross stitch the saying onto the Fabric I was a little short on time so with the help of Kami and her amazing CRICUT Explorer I was able to make this gift with iron on vinyl transfer.  You can click HERE to be directed to the project in Cricut Design Space and all you have to do is press "cut"!

I wanted to share a tutorial on how I made these cute little pillows-

Small Pillow Tutorial: Makes 4- 10x8 small pillows 

My cost for 4 pillows was $18 that is $4.50 a pillow. I found the vinyl on sale :-) 
My fabric cost me $2, and the fiberfill was $8. If you don't have a Cricuit machine I would call around and see if any local printing places print onto fabric, another option would be to cross-stitch the saying on.


Back of Pillow


1/3 yard of 2 coordinating Fabrics, One of the fabrics must have little to no design.
1 Cricuit Iron On Vinyl  (I used this one here
1 20 oz bag of Premium Polyester Fiberfill (to stuff the pillow)

Items needed from home:
thin kitchen towel
squirt bottle with water

1.Vinyl Instructions for Cricuit Machine: Design or choose the image you want to be on the iron on vinyl, Print it onto the vinyl cut according to size of quote.

2. Cut out 4 squares of Fabric in each color (4 for the front of the pillow 4 for the back of the pillow) making sure each square matches perfectly

3. Take the 4 squares of fabric that has little to no design and your 4 sheets of vinyl and head over to your iron and ironing board.

4. Heat iron to high.  Remove back piece from the vinyl and place the rest of the vinyl onto the printed side of the fabric, make sure u know where you want it to be and then press firmly on the vinyl and set on ironing board, then take a thin kitchen towel and lay it on top.  Mist kitchen towel with your water bottle.  Now for the iron, place the iron firmly down onto everything and focus on the pressure of the iron (you have to press down pretty good) after you have done that wherever the vinyl in the remove the towel and check to see if it all transferred, if not iron again.  Carefully remove clear top of vinyl and waa-laa... the fabric should now have the vinyl attached to it!

5. Now place one front square and one back square fabric together inside out, and sew around leaving a 4 inch space on a corner so that u can put the pillow inside out and stuff the pillow.

6. Stuff the pillow with the filler until full, I used a pen with a lid on it to help get in all the corner and move filler around evenly.

7. Hand sew the unfinished opening with coordinating thread.

This makes the cutest gift for something special, you could customize any quote onto any color of fabric! This entire project took me 3 hours of time, which is totally doable.

If you don't have a Cricuit machine yet, here is a link to get one!
Cricut Explorer

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