Monday, February 23, 2015

Stress Management

One of my biggest battles as of lately is trying to manage my stress.  I do choose to put a lot on my plate and most of the time I am busy but not stressed.  As of lately I have chosen to see the glass half empty instead of half full.  We choose our destiny, I choose to work, I choose to blog and I choose to be a mom of 3.  Life is full of lots and lots of choices and big decisions, so what do you choose?  How do you handle your choice?  The last month was full of little ups and downs, which for me creates stress.  For example my daughter came home from school with a small rash on her legs which turned into a very scary rash all over her legs.  Hubby of course was out of town for work (another choice we choose) I spent 2 days worried about her, she ended up having strep that she probably had been untreated for up to 2 weeks without us even knowing.  She got on an antibiotic and is doing great now.  
  So I choose to be busy because it keeps me happy, fulfilled and in love with everything.  The only problem is, those hard days do come, I have yet to experience any life changing really really hard things but for now I have a choice to choose to be happy everyday.  My stresses are small and can be handled.  So I can wake up and complain about choices I have made or I can wake up and live the day to its fullest.  That is what I want for me and my family.  Family is what makes me happy, my family is what I love!  Jobs we love and are grateful for them, but I find the most joy from my family.   I know I have to be the best for my kids and my husband first before I can be great for anyone else. 
  I chose not to cook much the last week because I have been so stressed and worn out.  I knew that needed to stop and snap out of pretend sad life and snap into real life, we all need good healthy food to keep us going, having meals from home just feel great even though it isn't always possible to have that. I want to Family and others to enjoy being around me, not feel bad for me.

What is your Choice?

How do I manage the stress when it comes?
   There is one week out of every month that truly is crisis everyday. Thank heavens it is only 5 days or nobody will be happy.

Relieving Stress- (From the part time working mother of 3)
 1. Don't spend time worrying about things that don't need to be worried about.  

2. Put the kids to bed a little early and have a moment for yourself: Bath, Pedicure, Paint your nails, skin care treatments.  Something to calm you and help relax you for bed.

3.  Get Sleep.  The hardest moments in my life are the ones when I haven't had my 9 hours of sleep,  yep 9 hrs people, I have to have my sleep or else I am CraNkY!  Jimmy Fallon is great and all but Sleep is so much better.

4.  Serve Others- This is my number one!  I have to mentally be thinking everyday how I can help.  My problems are small there are people out there that need our help.  When you serve you grow and when you serve you are happy.

5. Get away from ALL electronics.  Pinterest is wonderful but probably not when your stressed then it becomes a distraction of finding happiness you need.  Instagram is fun but not when u are stressed and need to focus on other things.  TV shows are perfect for relaxing but sometimes you need quiet moments.

6.  Last but not least everyone deserves their favorite treat! My current favorite is a Skinny Bahama Mama from Island Splash in Farr west, UT.  A flavored Diet Dr Pepper drink that is to die for.  I don't drink alcohol so this is as good as it gets.

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