Tuesday, April 28, 2015


Check out this trendy cute style that I did on Kami's Hair!  This is so simple and quick!
To achieve this look I used 3 simple steps:

1.  Separate hair into 2 ponytails, one right at the crown of the head and one right below.  Secure each section with a clear elastic. (you can tease the hair or add volumizing dust for added volume)
2. With the hair in each pony tail create a fish braid, fluff each fishtail to appear thicker. 
3. Wrap the top ponytail in a circle and bobby pin as it wraps around.  Do the same thing with the bottom ponytail wrapping the opposite direction.  Secure any loose ends or flyaways with bobby pins or hair spray!

So simple, a perfect style as we head into warmer weather!

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