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Kami is a wife of nine years to her high school sweetheart and a mother to two beautiful girls, Charli and Olivia.  She loves spending time with her family and also loves crafting, baking, working out, and blogging.  Kami loves parties and any excuse to get a bunch of friends and family together, oh yeah, and the food!  Kami has another blog as well, Sweet Charli, where you can find crafts and other DIY ideas.  Some things you will probably never find her doing are watching TV, reading, going to a movie theatre, chewing gum, or crossfit (because it gives her migraines!)  Her two favorite flicks are The Notebook and Charley.  Kami's favorite motto is "Life is Beautiful".

Susan is a wife and mom, she is also an award winning hairdresser with 12 years of experience.  Her hair talents have been featured on local television and enjoys traveling all over to attend hairstylist trainings.  She enjoys a nice balance of being a mom along with having some days to escape to work.  Susan is a shopaholic and is known to save her husband tons of money by shopping sales of course!  Her two favorite flicks are Confessions of a Shopaholic and I Don't Know How She Does It.  She loves teaching her kids the value of work and helping out.  Susan's motto is "Work hard then play hard".

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